rotc @ ukcca luton, global carnival showcase 20 feb 2013

big up luton, voted worst town in britain for so many years, still has the biggest UK carnival outside notting hill, placed naturally in what is a perennially rainy may (just in case it got too good) and as a result, it was the natural home for the UK’s still new looking carnival arts centre. of the local carnival groups, rampage – pictured her with us – are our favourites, they will jump up whatever the weather, and whatever the audience. and a good job as, despite internet worldwide live link ups, without them there would have been no party. thanks go out to pax for the invite and the freestyle reggae (first time for rotc to have a song in shona) and thanks too to those from swica in wales who got down with their bad selves.

rotc + rampage @ ukcca luton, 20 feb 2012

rotc + rampage @ ukcca luton, 20 feb 2013

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