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rotc @ twickenham carnival 12 jun 2011

indeed, sometimes it rains on your parade, and today in the suburban tranquility-until-we-banged-our-loud-ass-drums it rained on twickenham council’s yearly attempt at recreating a rio atmosphere. ¬†we are not in this game to be glum, we enjoyed ouselves regardless of lack … Continue reading

rotc @ brixton academy 25 nov 2011

the sex pistols, iron maiden, the clash, motorhead (sorry can’t find the umlaut)….. yes, and now rhythms of the city have rocked (samba-ed) brixton academy. thanks to our friendly friends friendly fires, who sold out 3 nights and invited us … Continue reading

rotc @ cairde festival, sligo 9-10 jul 2011

o yes, an international tour again for us, we travel for the cairde festival¬†at the instigation/invitation of our friends stephanie, tony, thorsten and peter from samboeire. they have been visiting our samba weekends in london, joining us in carnivals and … Continue reading

os tempos do samba @ uni of herts 14 may 2011

godfather to the uk samba scene bosco de oliveira devised this evening show in 2003, an animated (and orchestrated) retelling of the history of samba from its roots until the present day. over the years the show has been to … Continue reading