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minibloco @ guanabara 1 sept 2012

its not often that minibloco (our smaller band) plays a saturday night at guanabara, and rarer still to have dancers. some guys who don’t usually get to play in this format stepped up (tim karp, simon and dave mck) mishka, … Continue reading

rotc @ guanabara 25 aug 2012

guanabara gears up for notting hill carnival period, with their own indoor carnival. eddy and elisangela dance. videos are here: samba, axé

rotc @ guanabara 11 aug 2012

it was a long, hot summer…. well ok it wasn’t hot, more wet… it was a long, wet summer…. mmm, not long either…. it was an average length wet summer… did that stop us? and had we had enough of … Continue reading

rotc @ merchant city festival 27 jul 2012

once again rotc visits (sunny) glasgow; as ever our bff’s roddy & samba ya bamba help out with guest players and logistics, and big brother luigi (bottom r with hat) takes care of us italian style. the job? 2 days … Continue reading

soulbloco @ guanabara 22 jun 2012

ooh baby. a sweaty night at guanabara club. we will be back with more players the following night, but for now 8 of us have to rock the crowd. friday night is soul night, and we play r’n’b + motown … Continue reading

rotc @ twickenham carnival 17 jun 2012

remember last year? the rain, the absence of crowds, the atmosphere? well we are back, same time, same place, same crowds, same parade (no rain) + same 7 children (without anoraks). are we glum? no. rio it is not, but … Continue reading

rotc @ world city music village, clissold pk 16 jun 2012

cultural co-operation have for a long while put on yearly festivals of multiculture. finally, we are deemed ethnic (efnic) enough to be placed alongside their more obviously immigrant acts. through sodden grass we played/trod to the stage, and then entertained … Continue reading

rotc @ lovebox jun 15 2012

there are some situations in which it is difficult to be a parading percussion band. underwater, flying in mid-air, and deep mud. and yes at lovebox festival we find ourselves once more, in the third of these aforementioned scenarios. it … Continue reading

rotc @ st joseph’s, bermondsey 1 may 2012

st joseph’s is not just any primary school. it is a primary school with its own carnival. and whilst they had encountered us at various southwark council organised events, such as the infamous bermondsey carnival, this was their own stand-alone … Continue reading

rotc @ sport relief, the mall 25 mar 2012

let’s face it, this is as close as rotc will get to playing buckingham palace. we are grateful to hm the q for not calling the noise police as wave after wave of fundraising runners trotted from admiralty arch up … Continue reading